Sarah Sheehan

Sarah Sheehan


Sarah has been a Consultant Lawyer in the commercial/contract field for many years. She has worked mostly in-house with legal teams large and small, national and international, in a diverse range of industry sectors (including media, manufacturing, services, software, FMCG, property, medical scanning, etc.)

A wide variety of sectoral experience has given Sarah exposure to most elements of commercial activity at some point – including data privacy and security concerns as these arise across numerous sectors. Additionally, a period as a commercial manager in the earlier part of her career means Sarah is not only acutely aware of the commercial imperatives driving any business, but also the need to maintain focus on internal and external customers.

During her consultancy years and a period as Innovation Lead, Sarah has been involved in numerous legal document, process, operations and technology projects, including across multiple jurisdictions; from simplification, redesign and automation, to researching, sourcing and implementing contract lifecycle management and other tools.

Sarah’s focus has, over the last few years, shifted towards document simplification and design, as a proven method to both improve client trust and increase deal velocity, as well as provide solid foundations to underpin technological advances and improvements. Having completed a certification course in Legal Design with Legal Creatives in 2022, Sarah is currently working with other lawyers and legal designers worldwide, both to increase awareness of legal design and bring design thinking to in-house legal teams in particular. This includes project-based ‘done for you’ document design and simplification, as well as team training.