Tessa Manuello

Tessa Manuello

Founder & CEO, Legal Creatives

Tessa Manuello is a trailblazer in legal design and innovation, revolutionizing the legal profession by integrating visual communication seamlessly without compromising legal accuracy. As the founder of Legal Creatives and The Legal Designers, she empowers legal professionals worldwide to embrace creativity and elevate their practice to cutting-edge standards.

Armed with three LLMs from prestigious institutions across the globe, including the Sorbonne in France and institutions in Canada and South Africa, Tessa embodies a global perspective in her approach to legal innovation. Her commitment to fostering creativity extends beyond the legal realm; as a self-taught poet, video maker, and photographer, she infuses her work with artistic flair.

Tessa's influence extends beyond her entrepreneurial ventures. As an internationally recognized speaker, she shares her expertise in legal design and innovation, inspiring audiences to rethink traditional legal practices. Through her online bootcamps and hands-on workshops, she cultivates a community of legal innovators, providing them with the tools and support to implement visual communication effectively.

With her dedication to promoting creativity and innovation, Tessa has become a respected figure in academic and professional circles globally. Her scholarly contributions in creativity for the legal sector underscore her commitment to shaping the future of the legal profession.